Headache From Hell
2002-04-01 23:33:45 ET

I spent the first half of Monday with a nasty headache at work. I couldn't even think of going home early 'cause we're short staffed. Which, of couse, sucks. I think the headaches are work related just because I need a vacation. I just need to hold out for the rest of this month then I get a week off paid.

It's now been 5 months past my 1st year working for this company. I scheduled my vacation so late because I had planned on going back east for the week of my b-day and to see my grandma, mom and little sister. Not going to happen now due to a stupid clerical error with my tax status this year.
( holding a check out to the state of Oregon and yelling "Hey! Thats my vacation money!")

2002-04-02 01:20:29 ET

bleh, that sucks a big one

2002-04-02 03:41:37 ET

i'm a godless retail slut too--@#%@! i hate it so much.
but i haven't got a choice until i can finish school, because i never bothered finishing my univ. degree...
fuck work! this year when i tried to take a vacation, they wanted TWO months in advance....*agh*!!

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