Hmm.. I really should update my bio.    2002-07-28 12:40:56 ET
Shouldn't I?

Damn I'm lazy.

 Stuff    2002-07-28 04:59:07 ET
First post, lemme see if I get the hang of it...

Well, I fell asleep today a couple of hours before I was supposed to wake up and go to the army (did I mention my compulsory 3 years are over, and I'm kinda doing this of my own free will?). Of course I woke up 2 hours late, but hey, nobody seemed to miss me. This insomnia is driving me mad. I attempted distracting myself last night by mIRCing, and maybe getting bored and falling asleep on my keyboard. Now while that didn't happen, somebody did post some freakish images off <- not for the faint of heart, though I bet some of the subkultured here already know this site, I find it rather pukey and horrific. Projectile vommiting! Yay!

*BRRRLLFG* - The sound the worms make while eating my brain.

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