Berliner    2007-01-12 07:32:14 ET
Zep, this citz is prettz awesome.

I havenät been around much, mostlz just hangin with me friends. I did catch some niftz hellucination videoßart exhibition at Hamburger Banhof contemporarz art thing.
If zouäre wondering whz Iäm tzping funnz, itäs cuy the kezboards here are funnz. I forgot this little detail, and honestlz, I have no will to spend mz precious internetsßtime figuring out how to tzpe on them, so, deal.

In other news, I think Iäll be seeing Enduser - BongßRa - LFO Demon - Cora S. etc. tonight. Should be harsh.

Take care children.

 MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB    2006-12-24 13:46:22 ET
And also, merry whatever-you-celebrate and a happy new year..!

 wth    2006-12-19 07:40:37 ET
The following is a pretty accurate transcript + translation of a phone conversation I just had at work.

Me: "Comikaza, hello, how may I be of service?"
Lady: "Hi, this is Hana from the Cameri Theatre Club."
Me: "Uh, hi there."
Lady: "Might I interest you in a season ticket to our lovely shows?"
Me: "Er, this is a place of business..?"
Lady: "Ah. So you must be working all the time then?"
Me: "Actually I.."
Lady: "Shame, you're missing out on a lot of wonderful things in life."
Me: "Yes, I know, thank you for the painful reminder."
Lady: "So maybe you'd like to buy season ticket for our wonderful theatre?"
Me: "Goodbye ma'am."

 Thought of the day    2006-12-11 07:24:45 ET

"The essence of Dasein lies in its existence." - Martin Heidegger

 Back from the dead    2006-10-25 07:30:52 ET
It's been a couple of amazing, intense and beautiful weeks out in New York, but now I'm back home. I can't say it's good to be back. Nope. I have yet to sleep and I've already been to school. A bit of a shocker, mind you. It was okay, but God..

There definately was a little voice inside me that said "Fuck. Man. Stay. Don't go back."

Last time I heard that voice was Amsterdam (or was it London?) 1999, right before I joined the army.

I love New York. I love the city. Really. One day, I'll live there, I'm sure.

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