Guess what SK?    2008-06-08 10:30:49 ET
I'm in LA.


 I R OLD    2008-03-07 05:47:36 ET
I forgot to post here, had my 27h birthday a week and a bit ago.

Yay meeee

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 dead in da head    2007-11-16 16:34:10 ET
* proficiency test
* Seminar paper #1
* Statement of Purpose
* Applications
* Seminar paper #2

-> Victory.

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 Random Walk    2007-09-10 12:20:09 ET
So this week I saw Nine Inch Nails which was fecking awesome.
I know you guys all get to see wicked concerts all the time, but for me this was a real special event. Definitely one of those things I wanted to do before I die is mosh to March of Pigs. So now I have.
Reznor was cute, he be all apologizing and stuff "Sorry it took us this long, from now on we'll stop here every time we tour the world."

In other news, I'm uber stressed with schoolwork and stuff. Cut down on all my shifts at work, cuz I got 2 killer seminars, a proficiency test, my GRE, TOEFL, and, you know, groceries, laundry, and what I laughingly call a social life.

I'm sad to see how every time I log in my buddylist grows shorter.. :(
For shame.

So, who's here..? What's up with you...?

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 The Sound of the Suburbs    2007-07-12 04:04:30 ET
* Found an apartment, woo! *

Not an easy feat at all these days in Tel-Aviv, mind you. Because a lot of realestate in Israel is in USD, damn French toadies wealthy French Jews are taking advantage of the favorable USD:Euro ratio and buying out the whole bloody city for summer homes, raising the prices for us poor miserable lowly students while they're at it.

So this is what it feels to be gentrified, heh.

Anyway, who cares, I got a place. It costs a bit more, and I will no longer have a living room and I got an additional flatmate, but other than that it's not much of a drastic change in my lifestyle. Still have a pretty large room, A/C, washing machine, equipped kitchen, large balcony, and even parquet floor. Flatmates seem nice and sane too.

And anyway, if things pan out as planned, it'll only be for a year, then I'm off to the states.

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