Recovery    2013-07-30 17:52:38 ET
The person who caused all of us to have an intervention is doing better. He is bringing up all kinds of childhood stuff. I didn't have such a hot childhood, but I have learned to get beyond it. I mean, I can be angry at my mother, or I can just say she was limited and did her best. What good does it do ME to project all my crap onto her?

 the intervention    2013-07-25 01:08:25 ET
I participated in an intervention recently. The purpose of it was to get the person to stop drinking. The fear is that he is going to drink himself to death--he is drinking over a fifth a day. We were trained by a specialist, wrote our letters, got feedback from each other, and then had the confrontation. It went really well, and he said he was considering going into treatment himself. He agreed to go to recovery treatment, and went that day.

Now, a month and a half later, he is sober and angry. I liked him better drunk.

 Hello    2013-07-22 18:19:01 ET
I've joined this group now and hope to be able to create a blog that will support my musings. I look forward to being a member and will soon be posting some journal entries.

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