Geek Party...
2006-06-24 20:41:24 ET

I am at a geek party. Half of us are on our lap tops and the other half are playing Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 for shots of Vodka. Just put me down now...


2006-06-24 20:45:13 ET

That sounds like my kind of party.

2006-06-24 20:50:05 ET

Ok, I have just been informed that we are out of Vodka and have moved on to the Gin. This is going to get ugly...


2006-06-24 21:50:29 ET

that sounds more like a sexy party.

2006-06-24 22:41:31 ET

Party's over. Someone was called a whore and then someone's wife left without them. Then he was drunk,pissed and yelling on my front lawn. I drove him home to make up with his very sober wife. I knew this would get ugly. Next time I should just invite you guys...


2006-06-25 06:49:09 ET

Yes, you should. Where I will sit there, get shitfaced, and keep the whole crowd entertained until I pass out. *thumbs up*

2006-06-25 18:37:19 ET

Ok, I will let you know when the next fiesta is...


2006-07-03 21:06:35 ET

wow. I never knew people took their DDR so seriously.

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