Soccer or Football
2006-06-19 20:27:12 ET

I don't know if it's just me but I am all about jumping on the World Cup bandwagon. I am enjoying every minute of it. I don't care who wins but I'm liking the underdogs in each match. Why don't we americans care about this sport? I know some do but the majority of us seem to not care at all.


2006-06-20 02:40:23 ET

Americans dont care because there's no room in their hearts after football, baseball, and nascar. hah

2006-06-20 03:27:10 ET

I love football and i'm enjoying every single minute of the World Cup. Then again, i am not American.

2006-06-20 06:53:40 ET

I can't stand Nascar. Go Fast, Turn Left! I just don't ubderstand the appeal.


2006-06-21 03:45:12 ET

I hate nascar and american football and baseball.

I guess I'm about as un-american as you can be, and still live in the states >.<

2006-06-21 07:07:24 ET

Anti-Laci.. You and I are in agreement...


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