2006-06-19 11:02:51 ET

I was watching Tony Bourdain last night on the travel channel. It made me realize how homogenized everything in the US is. Most of us hate surprises don't we. Thats why all the resturants are turning into T.G.I McFunsters mega-chains. Now I could be right about all this or it could just be because I am bored and I just ate a bologna sandwich. I will let you decide.


2006-06-19 11:13:22 ET

Deli-turkey and cheddar cheese on mine.

2006-06-19 11:26:58 ET

I have to admit that Liverwurst is my all time favorite but I was out.


2006-06-19 11:28:25 ET

I like muenster(sp) cheese. Don't think I've actually tried Liverwurst.

2006-06-19 11:46:44 ET

Liverwurst isn't a cheese. It's a German Liver Sausage. It sounds horrible but I grew up on the stuff.


2006-06-19 12:05:27 ET

Oh I know it isn't a cheese. I just decided I'd mention I like that particular kind of cheese.

I also enjoy brie.

2006-06-19 12:10:47 ET

Got ya... Brie is good. British Cotswold is also very good.


2006-06-19 12:11:14 ET

Damn you, one-upping me.

2006-06-19 12:26:21 ET

Yay... I'm the winner!


2006-06-19 12:28:41 ET

We can't all READ MINDS. Sheesh. Friggin' Mr. Dead Zone. Not fair.


2006-06-19 12:32:20 ET

I guess I do have a bit of an unfair advantage.


2006-06-19 12:35:12 ET

You guess? I thought you knew things.


2006-06-19 12:38:15 ET

I said guess because I didn't want to sound like I was bragging.


2006-06-19 12:39:43 ET

"I read minds for a living."


2006-06-19 12:51:40 ET

liverwurst is the best thing ever. especially on sourdough toast.

as for cheese, it's all about smoked chevre. i like things spreadable.

2006-06-19 12:54:40 ET

Yes! Someone who can appreciate the joy that is Liverwurst.


2006-06-19 12:57:36 ET

it's an underappreciated delicacy. i'd live on it if i could, but then i would be morbidly obese.

2006-06-19 13:02:06 ET

I like it on good rye with a bit of horseradish sauce.


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