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I'm not good at describing myself so I'll tell you what I do and you can make your own decisions.

I am a vet student, a small animal nurse and full time model. I heart biology. I like to paint and have a small photography company called Rock Candy. I strive every day to be genuinely kind.

My life pretty much revolves around my 3 dogs, Gogo, George, and Fizzgig.

Some random personal facts:

I'm facetious 95% of the time.
I've been cooking on the stove since I was 4 (with relatively few burns)
I have an impressive vertical leap.
I have fostered over 350 kittens and 50 dogs/puppies
I have a phobia of condiments.

 Thanksgiving    2013-11-30 13:01:55 ET
How was everyone's?

You know you're an animal nurse when you're injecting the turkey with a 3cc 18g syringe every hour with juice.

But holy frijoles was that the juiciest turkey I have ever tasted.


 15F    2013-11-25 13:43:05 ET
It's upsetting when you have a personal life goal that seems like a means to an end, only to have it come crashing down with one sentence delivered with a smile because the person had no idea that saying those words was essentially ruining the life you had planned for yourself. Run on sentence.

So on that note, I need a new plan.

I don't know why I'm so ill-content with things when my life isn't really that terrible. First world problems. First world problems. I guess I'm just cold, hungry, and miss my mom/best friend. I should get a grip. I'm trying to. Honest.

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 You have no friends defined.    2013-11-19 16:17:30 ET
Wrestled several animals who outweighed me today. They were determined. But so was i.

 Brr.    2013-11-17 16:01:21 ET
It's getting colder.. It's snowed twice already. As the holidays approach I find myself getting more depressed and missing my mother more than I thought was possible. She made everything so special and beautiful. I don't have that gift.

Long week this week at work. Lots of surgeries before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don't ask me why. It won't slow down again until February.

 Oh, hey again    2013-11-15 18:01:22 ET
It's been a while. How are you?