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I'm a Christian and a general geek. You name it, I've probably had an interest in it. Role-playing, Wargaming, Medieval Reenactment, Music, Writing, Reading, Anime, Video gaming, and other random things that I can't remember right now.

I have a wildly eccentric taste in music and can go from listening to the Serenity OST to listening to Das Ich or something. One of my favorite musical styles has to be Ska-punk, though. Really great stuff when it's done properly. I like to consider myself something of a skank-monkey. And no, that's a skanker, not a skank. Recently, though, I 've started listening to a lot of industrial music and wishing that there was more of an Industrial presence down here in the land of Oz, especially in the under eighteens, like myself.

Next year, in Year 12, I'll be studying Psychology, Philosophy, Modern History, Classical Studies and English Studies. I was going to do Social studies, but I would've had to skip Philosophy. I guess my subject choices sort of give you an idea of what I'm into.

Uhh, only other thing I can think of, and not really a very important one, is that my political opinions lean towards socialist democracy as I understand it. It really makes you think when someone walks up and says "I'm a fascist, are you a communist or a fascist?"

So yeah, stuff is good.


     2005-11-27 03:37:51 ET
I should figure out something to talk about besides music. Meh... Some other time when my brain isn't being slowly devoured by the necessity to finish writing 50,000 words by the end of November.

Oh well, today I splurged and bought the most recent Nightwish CD, Once. I was going to get Starfall by Dragonland, but that was an extra ten dollars and this one came with a whole heap of free stuff. The free stuff was good, though. The guy who got the free stuff accidentally gave me to much stuff, I think. He gave me a pack of cards about RoadRunner records musicians that was still in its ziplock bag. I can understand giving me one card, but a whole pack? I also got a RoadRunner Records Lanyard (Meh), and a CD with a whole bunch of songs by bands signed to RoadRunner. It helped me find another band that sounds really damned cool, Within Temptation. What can I say, I'm just a sucker for symphonic/power metal.

But yeah, the CD's great, it's got heaps of unusual sort of songs, including a ten minute one that's completely backed by a symphonic orchestra, and one that's completely in Finnish. It's good stuff.

     2005-11-24 22:15:16 ET
I was going to post something yesterday, but then I delayed until now and forgot what I was going to say...

So, I'll talk about working in a retail store, and probably bore a lot of people to death. It's weird, to say the least, because it's like one big long sociology experiment or something. And all the little tricks of social engineering that one picks up when working on the registers are awesome. The weirdest thing about it, though, is how after a while, it just seems like its endless copies of the same few people coming through. The flustered Christmas shopper, the Annoyed mother, the list goes on.

Yeah, I've gotta write 4000 words tonight, so I'm going to go do that instead of delaying and wasting time.

Listening to: Stromkern - Electricity [Arc fire mix] on ampedout, the online industrial radio station. It's great stuff, and what got me into industrial music. The radio station, I mean, not Stromkern. Haven't even heard about them before now...

     2005-11-22 14:19:15 ET
For those who are interested, here's the further details of my epic journey through iTunes. I ended up only getting enough on a music card for one album and an individual song.
After doing some searching around, I figured out that the Aussie iTunes actually does have the new Rammstein CD, Rosenrot, so I didn't end up getting any of the ones that I mentioned in my last update, and Rosenrot it was. With the three dollars I had left, I got Planet Hell by Nightwish, which is a great sounding symphonic sort of song.

After downloading these songs, I went to put them into my uber-playlist-of-doom-with-over-9-gig-of-music and found that I couldn't because they're some kind of weird protected music format. Another result of that was that I can't convert them to MP3 because of the protection. I took this in stride, and attempted to make a new playlist in iTunes, only to realise that a lot of my music ripped from CD is high-quality WMA files, that iTunes doesn't seem to like.

So now I'm stuck with a playlist conundrum. If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be great.

In other news, today I have my second out of two exams, and this one is Gumby maths, or Maths applications, if you really want to be specific. No point studying, so I just took a few notes, and I'm going to see how it goes. After this, I'm finally free for the year, and the only thing I'll need to worry about will be work. I hate retail, but at least it's better than Fast Food, and I can't really afford to bepicky right now.


     2005-11-19 02:37:27 ET
Wow, my first post here, intriguing. I find that I have a lot that I feel like saying but not the energy nor motivation to bother. So, I'll just stick with talking about music, something that's of general interest to most people worldwide.

Firstly, I've just discovered the joys of iTunes. Who's going to bother paying thirty bucks for a CD at Sanity when I can get it for half that online? My joy at the discovery of cheap music beyond my wildest imaginings was shot repeatedly in the face when I discovered that I'd been looking at the UK one, and so it wasn't anywhere near as cheap as I had at first thought. It's still cheap, though, and Chrissy is almost here, so I've begun compiling an iTunes wishlist.

Lemme see...

Lacuna Coil - Comalies
AFI - Sing the Sorrow

Shit! While writing this update I only just figured out that the selection of music varies depending on the country! Next on the list was going to be Dragonland - The Battle of Ivory Plains, but looks like that's a no-go. And Lacuna coil, too. Egads, Gadzooks, and Dagnabbit, to put it *extremely* mildly.

Oh well, next on the list is...

A Perfect Circle - Either Mer De Noms, or Thirteenth Step, I'm not sure which I'd prefer.

There were more, but now I think that I've forgotten them, or something...

The next thing was the insane amount of genres, just check out Wikipedia. There's at least half a billion different genres ending with 'core', I mean, have you heard of Mathcore?