One of those moments when you realize you are surrounded by "THOSE" people    2013-02-06 05:43:39 ET
So the country is waiting to hear if the Boy Scouts of America will allow openly gay individuals to be a part of their organization. I started reading an article on that opened with a family whose two sons, ages 16 and 20, are both boy scouts (the 20 year old making it all the way to Eagle Scout) and are both gay.

I say out loud that it is interesting that both sons of this couple are scouts and are gay. My coworker who I share my office with jumped on it saying, "Well, maybe the father wasn't in the home" to which I answer, "No, the article implys that isn't the case"

"Well, maybe the younger one is saying he's gay to follow in the older brother's footsteps"


"Or he is trying to be cool"

"Wait... you are saying that someone would choose to be gay to follow in someone's footsteps or to be cool?"

"Maybe they were molested"

"Ok... thanks for your imput, coworker"

And then I started typing on here. The though process of some amazes me. Especially on something like this. That "being cool" or "molestation" or "no father figure" are the main reasons why people are gay. Personally, I believe that it isn't a choice and if my future child(ren) were to tell me that they were gay I would support them 100%. But here in the South that, apparently, isn't the normal thought process. There is so much I love about my home, but stuff like this really puts me on edge. Grrr...

It was good to read this article today, because it helped me focus on real problems that people face in their lives instead of my weak ones. For example, my future sister-in-law called me Monday to tell me that someone told her that I was talking shit about her family and I needed to stop. Excuse me? Why would I do something like that to the family that I am marrying into? Turns out what really pissed her off was me telling her that if she showed up late for my fiance's birthday plans then I couldn't give her a ride to the event or pay her way in because people would be waiting for me to get downtown with our tickets. Unbelievable. Screw it. Have your "my future sister-in-law is a bitch" party. I'll focus on the real issues out there.

 "Girls"    2013-01-07 19:30:31 ET
I know there are more interesting things to write about. I literally have a list of things that I want to write on here and let them float away into cyperspace, but right now I am addicted to a tv show. Damn cable.

Have you seen the HBO show "Girls"? I honestly don't get why I love this show. I think it is my crush on Andrew Rannells (if you don't know who he is, IMDB him. You will thank me. AND he has one of the most amazing singing voices which he showed of as one of the leads in "The Book of Mormon". He has a small part in this show and he always lights up my tv when he's in a scene.

Anyway, this show... I honestly don't know my attraction. I guess they describe it as girls of the 21st century starting out in NYC. First time I watched it I thought it was crap: the writing, the acting, etc. but I gave it another chance and I wish I didn't because now I watch it whenever I have the time.

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