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  Iain Is Xtreme   
I am Iain Andrew Copeland also known as Iain the Great conquerer of worlds, champion of champions etc. I am 17 and from Scotland. Hmm i now don't know what to say. Owell cya later

 The Dreaded Number 17 Bus    2006-10-27 12:35:42 ET
Thatís right. I have entered that bus and returned alive. I have seen some unspeakable horrors on that bus. Only the crazy and twisted ride upon it. As soon as I stepped on I knew I had made a fatal error. Of course I can not tell you anything of the journey I endured as it will most likely destroy your mind turning you into a worthless vegetable. If anyone else has the misfortune as to find themselves upon this bus I have one tip: keep your eyes to the front (better yet close them) and resist the urge to kill yourself to escape the torture.