Race Fumes
2009-05-12 17:03:43 ET

[21:45] Sergey: I've got something we can invest in!
[21:45] Sergey: http://www.racefumes.com/
[21:45] Sergey: It's RACE FUMES in a CAN!
[21:46] Sergey: Supposedly it's air captured at drag races and such.
[21:46] Sergey: They could totally branch out with this.
[21:46] Sergey: For example, they could hit every women's restroom there is, bottle the air, and release it as SCENT OF A WOMAN!
[21:46] Sergey: They can even get Pacino to promote!
[21:47] Mitch: Hahah, something about that doesnt seem right
[21:47] Mitch: Why not have other fumes as well
[21:47] Mitch: Mortuary Fumes!
[21:47] Mitch: Gas Chamber Fumes!
[21:48] Sergey: Yeah, man! They could totally personalize it! Now you can smell your favorite grandpa FOREVER!!!
[21:48] Mitch: Dangerous Levels of Carbon Monoxide Fumes!
[21:48] Sergey: They can steal that Spaceballs idea and sell bottled (and canned) air!
[21:48] Mitch: Which would be cheap to produce since it'd just be carbon monoxide in a can
[21:49] Mitch: And carbon monoxide is odorless
[21:49] Mitch: So you could just put normal air in there and nobody would know the difference
[21:49] Mitch: Except when they dont die and stuff
[21:50] Sergey: Yeah or just sell cans of compressed oxygen so that people will either get high or freeze their lungs or both!
[21:50] Sergey: I'd totally buy Teriyaki Beef Jerky Spray though if they made it.
[21:50] Sergey: I'd be huffing that shit day and night!

2009-05-12 17:14:08 ET

lol thats hilarious - mortuary fumes. i would call it "AFTER DEATH" and have a rusty, broken Chanel logo on the front

dont they already sell bottled air? like the pressurized air cans for
cleaning keyboards n electronics n stuff?

2009-05-19 05:49:42 ET

That stuff isn't air. It's tetrafluorethane or something to that effect.

2009-05-25 20:16:53 ET


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