Presidential inauguration.
2009-01-20 07:20:08 ET

So my co-workers are all watching the Presidential inauguration and,
as I peer over their shoulders, I can't help but wish that Obama is
some sort of massive Star Wars fan boy. Then the entire theme of the
inauguration would be Star Wars. Bush would be dressed up as Darth
Vader. Cheney would be Emperor Palpatine. Obama would be dressed up as
Han Solo and his wife, Michelle, would be Leia. The head of the Secret
Service would be decked out in full Wookie regalia wearing a
ceremonial banner. The whole thing would be topped off by a band of
little people running around wearing nothing but body hugging fur

Bill Clinton would be Jar Jar.

2009-01-20 07:43:11 ET

that is the best thing ever as far as i'm concerned.

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