2003-10-23 23:58:18 ET


2003-10-23 20:37:50 ET

I got call from fellow scientist today.

Dr. Kozyrev: It's astounding!

Me: What? You have breakthrough with trials of flux capacitor?

Dr. Kozyrev: Time is fleeting.

Me: Let's not get crazy about this. We must analyze data carefully. To simply take unpredictable outcome without further analysis is mad.

Dr. Kozyrev: Madness takes its toll.

Me: I know. So what have you found?

Dr. Kozyrev: So listen closely...

Me: Nevermind that. Are you continuing with experiment even in light of new data?

Dr. Kozyrev: Not for very much longer.

Me: That is good. What do you expect next stage of research to be?

Dr. Kozyrev: Let's do the time warp again.

Me: What?

Dr. Kozyrev: Let's do the time warp again.

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