Pretty good day.
2012-07-12 14:04:54 ET

I did an (almost) final mix on this new song I am working on. Been working on it for a while now, I keep on getting more and more ideas to add to it.
MUCH different then any other song I have ever recorded. SUPER excited for when it is all done! I got some GREAT Thai food today for dinner with the family. It was amazing! Yeah, it was a pretty good day all and all. Going to relax tonight and watch some movies.

2012-07-12 16:45:29 ET

What sort of music genre would you call your new tune?

2012-07-12 17:23:01 ET

Kind of a more very heavy alternative rock kind of a thing. Once its done I can post a link to it.

2012-07-13 12:17:31 ET

What'd ya end up watchin?

I want Thai food now. :'(

2012-07-14 16:23:46 ET

I ended up watching the movie "Bullit" staring Steve McQueen

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