2012-02-14 17:43:16 ET

Looking for a new book to start reading. Any suggestions?

2012-02-14 18:14:37 ET

What type of book you looking for?

2012-02-14 18:30:14 ET

gunfight by adam winkler

2012-02-14 19:47:14 ET

@YouDontKnowJake I am looking for any kind really, I read a lot of different kind of stuff.

@turbo thanks for the recommendation

2012-02-14 19:53:50 ET

np (: it was my latest read. well written and very eye opening and engaging

2012-02-14 22:03:28 ET

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

2012-02-14 22:12:38 ET

Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

2012-02-15 10:09:18 ET

Thanks for all of the recommendations everybody! Greatly appreciated!

2012-05-28 12:26:50 ET

Am I too late to suggest Black Box by Nick Walker?

It's about a load of different people whose lives are all connected to a dead stowaway in a plane. Try it if you like dark humour.

2012-05-28 18:57:59 ET

I will definitely check it out for sure!! Sounds like something I would definitely get into.

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