great times.
2010-12-08 17:30:47 ET

today was one of the most best times i have had in a while!!!! such a fun time with a good friend.

2010-12-08 17:33:21 ET

So what did you and your friend get to doing?

2010-12-08 17:35:54 ET

went to a bunch of thrift stores. got some records and went to a bunch of record shops. ended up getting lunch at then hung at my place for a while and listened to a lot of music.

2010-12-08 17:52:09 ET

Sounds like good times!

That's one thing I don't anymore, just hang out. These days everyone shows up at an event to show off or strut, then they go home.

2010-12-10 20:40:28 ET

Yeah I know right!!!

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