2010-02-04 14:58:09 ET

Hey everybody, had a long day today, I did a ton of different things. I am going to be watching the German film "Wings of Desire" it is supposed to be a VERY good movie and I am super excited to see it. I just bought it today. Anybody have any foreign films they want to recommend to me, I love foreign films.

2010-02-04 16:30:41 ET

Hey there, Danny. How goes it? I figured I would roam around on SK just a bit and I ended up on your page! Foreign films are the best, but I can never remember names. Have you seen Jan Svankmajer's films? I could watch those over and over again. Particularly the one called "Faust." Enjoy the movie. :-)

2010-02-04 18:30:11 ET

Oh yeah I love Jan Svankmajer's films. They are really good and so different. He is definitely one of my favorites. Anyways how are you doing today?

2010-02-05 07:32:16 ET

Pretty good! Hope you are too!

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