2010-10-22 06:53:08 ET

They say it's my Birthday!!!

Hum... 27 today... weird all around...

2010-10-22 07:13:47 ET

Happy Birthday!!

2010-10-22 09:38:02 ET

Happy birthday!

2010-10-22 09:46:23 ET

yay happy birthday

2010-10-22 14:32:58 ET

Thank you guys!!!

Birthdays are weird.... Does anyone else agree?

2010-10-22 14:34:41 ET

I agree.

2010-10-22 15:38:59 ET

you still exist! i love 27!

2010-10-22 16:46:16 ET

Good I am not a complete weirdo.... well I am but you know.

Yes Lars I do infact exsist... 27... it is a good number

2010-10-22 16:49:24 ET

27 has been constant internal and external change for me that i feel is all going in a very good direction.

2010-10-22 16:50:10 ET

p.s. does dawn still exist? i haven't heard from her in even longer than you d-;

2010-10-22 16:52:38 ET

Yep... She is good.
She does not go on line for much other than watching movies or peoples vlogs... yeah...
I spend too much time on the computer at work so I do not go on much once I am home :)

2010-10-22 16:55:12 ET

heh...i'm trying to find a balance there, though lately i've been on the computer too much working on projects or distracting myself from working on said projects d-; le sigh. need to find ways to burn out less and still work towards my goals.

2010-10-22 16:55:38 ET

you and dawn should both text me your numbers btw since i don't have them in my current phone - 206-371-9037 (:

2010-10-22 16:59:25 ET

Ok... We will

Yeah, work and play, it is a constant balancing act really... Well when it comes to computer work any way... even when you are not working with computers but on... like me! I do medical coding and we work with Electronic medical records.


I will have Dawn text you too.. :)

2010-10-22 20:13:24 ET

yay (:

2010-10-24 22:36:34 ET

Happy birthday...I know I'm late but it's been a crazy week

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