Ding Dong, This aint no avon calling
2010-06-09 05:12:41 ET

So, I am forced awake, at 4 am, by my door bell ringing several times, followed by loud pounding on the door. It was the police, my mom answered the door. My car rolled out of the drive way into the street. Because I was so brain dead yesterday I forgot to put it in park, and barely set the emergency brake. BAH... not my idea of a great wake up call.

Sometimes I wonder if I am on auto pilot most days. It is quite ridiculous really. How the hell do I function when I pull stupid ass moves like that? Really, although it really shouldn't have rolled, it was in drive not neutral, but my car does whatever the hell it wants any way. I need to get it fixed, but I am not sure its worth fixing really.

Ok, just needed to rant. I am off to work. OH and I have yoga class at noon so YAY for that too. :)

2010-06-09 09:52:34 ET

You need to go to one of those sleep clinics, dude.

2010-06-09 10:55:42 ET

I did! I have something like RLS but it is more like I flail my legs like a mad woman. That is how my doctor put it. It's weird though I don't even notice it.

2010-06-10 13:15:24 ET

We've shared a bed a couple of times, and you never bothered me. Maybe it's better when someone's crowding you.

2010-06-11 06:31:31 ET

Haha... maybe, I don't know if it is just with in the last few years or not.
Hum... maybe I need to do another sleep study where I actually sleep more than not.

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