The end of humanity.
2021-04-14 21:19:10 ET

It seems I’ve unintentionally built a collection of electronics I do not have time for. My partner growing increasingly resentful at the time I fail to spend with her as a result of not even a gaming addiction but more of a play around with bullshit obsession. I’ve acquired in a pretty short time an oculus, an iPhone 12, two iPads (one for me and one for daughter), an Xbox one s, I bought a pc a little less than a year ago and we have new tvs in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.
I don’t understand why, as I step back and look at it, along with the little time I have to use any of them.
My phone is probably the only thing I use on a regular and the oculus is pretty cool. I never touch the Xbox and the only time I pick up my pc is to do work related stuff once every two weeks.

2021-04-17 20:47:23 ET

What do you play on the oculus?

2022-06-13 22:39:33 ET

Altspace Vr if I do play it.

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